Fuji Robotic Palletizers

Fuji and JSD Automation are working together to bring your business up to speed, faster. Four different Fuji robotic palletizers offer economical operation with some of the highest palletizing rates in the industry. These robots are easy to operate and maintain and their patented linear drive system keeps power consumption and maintenance to a minimum. Reduce labour costs while increasing throughput into your system.

Fuji Robotic Palletizers reduce costly and injury prone labour costs as well as having a quick return on investment

Fuji's design offers a mechanical advantage: linear guides and bearings that make these units operation ultra smooth, with economical power consumption. They also have the advantage of being ultra-quiet

Key Features of Fuji Robotic Palletizers

  • User friendly software (no laptops required)
  • Unique linear track design specifically for palletizing
  • Custom designed end effectors for a wide range of applications
  • Specialization available for bags, cases, pails, drums, shrink-wrapped bundles, and bottling applications
  • Up to 26 cycles/ minute
  • 75% more energy efficient than leading competitor
  • Over 10,000 installations

Fuji Touch Screen Operating System Features

  • Program change in seconds
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Onboard diagnostics
  • Fault history log
  • Onboard lubrication schedule system
  • Real time I/O monitoring

Options For Fuji Robotic Palletizers

  • Cold temperature upgrade
  • Harsh environment upgrade (stainless steel components)
  • Memory program expansion (up to 400 patterns)
  • Auto reject function
  • Simultaneous multi-size product handling (5 axes)
  • Slip sheet placement

Specifications of Fuji EC-61, EC-101, EC-141 and EC-201 Robots

  • Mechanism Articulated arm
  • Drive Type AC Servo
  • Payload Capacity 264 lb. to 440 lb. (including end effector)
  • Palletizing Capacity 1000 to 1600 cycles per hour
  • Degree of Freedom Standard 4 axes (up to 5 axes)
  • Memory 30 programmable patterns (up to 400 options)
  • Programming Method Visual single point (teaching pendant)
  • Teach Support (touch screen)
  • Teach-less system (optional)
  • Power 200 VAC (220 VAC 3 PH 50/60 HZ)
Download Fuji Robotics Specifications

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Fuji Robotic Palletizer Models



      weight capacity (including hand) - 70 kg/170 kg.
      palletizing capacity (cycles/ hr) - 900/500 CPH.
      power (200/220v, 3PH, 50/60Hz) - 1.9KVA.



      weight capacity (including hand) - 70 KG/160 kg.
      palletizing capacity (cycles/ hr) - 1300/800 CPH
      power (200/220v, 3PH, 50/60Hz) - 2KVA.



      weight capacity (including hand) - 80 KG/130 kg.
      palletizing capacity (cycles/ hr) - 1500/1000 CPH
      power (200/220v, 3PH, 50/60Hz) - 4KVA.



      weight capacity (including hand) - 70 KG/200 kg.
      palletizing capacity (cycles/ hr) - 1800/1600 CPH
      power (200/220v, 3PH, 50/60Hz) - 6.5KVA.

Fuji Robotic End Effector Designs Include

Box End Effector


Can End Effector

Bag Depalletizer

Box Depalletizer

Bag End Effector

Box End Effector

Book End Effector

Bag End Effector