Fuji Robotic Palletizers

Fuji and JSD Automation are working together to bring your business up to speed, faster. A variety of Fuji robotic palletizers offer economical operation with some of the highest palletizing rates in the industry. These robots are easy to operate and maintain and their patented linear drive system keeps power consumption and maintenance to a minimum. Reduce labour costs while increasing throughput into your system.

"Fuji Robotic Palletizers reduce costly and injury prone labour costs as well as having a quick return on investment"

Fuji created the first robotic palletizer in 1982, and their design remains the premier for robotic palletizing. With their patented ball-screw design, their robots are faster, stronger, and use less energy than other robotic palletizers in the market.

Key Features of Fuji Robotic Palletizers

  • User friendly software (no laptops required)
  • Unique linear track design specifically for palletizing
  • Custom designed end effectors for a wide range of applications
  • Specialization available for bags, cases, pails, drums, shrink-wrapped bundles, and bottling applications
  • Up to 26 cycles / minute
  • 75% more energy efficient than leading competitor
  • Over 15,000 installations

Fuji Touch Screen Operating System Features

  • Program change in seconds
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Onboard diagnostics
  • Fault history log
  • Onboard lubrication schedule system
  • Real time I/O monitoring

Options For Fuji Robotic Palletizers

  • Cold temperature upgrade
  • Harsh environment upgrade (stainless steel components)
  • Memory program expansion (up to 400 patterns)
  • Auto reject function
  • Simultaneous multi-size product handling (5 axes)
  • Slip sheet placement

Specifications of Fuji EC-102, EC-171 and EC-201 Robots

  • Mechanism Articulated arm
  • Drive Type AC Servo
  • Payload Capacity 264 lb. to 440 lb. (including end effector)
  • Palletizing Capacity 1000 to 1600 cycles per hour
  • Degree of Freedom Standard 4 axes (up to 5 axes)
  • Memory 30 programmable patterns (up to 400 options)
  • Programming Method Visual single point (teaching pendant)
  • Teach Support (touch screen)
  • Teach-less system (optional)
  • Power 200 VAC (220 VAC 3 PH 50/60 HZ)

When getting a Fuji robot, you're not just getting a robot, you're getting a partner in improving the end of your line. JSD Automation has decades of experience in industrial automation and will work hard to ensure that your Fuji robotic palletizer and surrounding system are the best fit for your facility and goals.

Fuji Robotic Palletizer Models


Our newest and most efficient robot, the EC-102 is aimed for product lines where space is tight or with low-to-medium output speeds.

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The EC-171 has the largest working envelope and is made for operations with medium output and layouts requiring a farther reach.

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The EC-201 is Fuji's fastest and strongest model. Perfect for high-output facilities or heavier products.

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Fuji Robotic End Effector Designs Include

A Box

Even with handling of heavy loads, this effector has a fork to prevent chance of falling.

Bag Depalletizer

Depalletize raw materials stacked on a pallet and supply it to a dismounting machine one bag at a time.

Double Bag

For high speed handling, this effector can grab two bags at the same time. Can be programmed to handle only one bag at a time.

Food Bag

For gentle handling, suction pads can be tailored to the needs of the product.

High Speed Bag

For high speed grabbing, this effector is the fastest effector avaiable.

Medicine Bag

Comptible with bag shape, this end effector can be used for various kinds of work.

Bag, Box & Pallet

Handle box lines and bag lines with one robot. In addition, the Fuji robot supplies pallets.

Bulk Supply

For supply of PET bottles and bottles to a production line. Grippers can be used for surface pickup.

Cardboard Sheet

Attach a cardboard sheet and supply it to the caser. Handling is possible up to the last sheet. Sheet alignment function built-in.

Gable Top

Can be used for cardboard or plastic cases.


Handle boards of any legnth including corrigated materials.

P Box

Plastic crate handler.

Bulk Depalletizer

Delicate handling and unloading for taking materials out of a case.

PET Bottle

Deal with a variety of bottles and PET plastic with less component changeout.

Poly tank

Handle poly tanks up to 18L in size.