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Fuji Robotic Palletizers

Automating your palletizing is not only a safer and more efficient way to run your end of line packaging, but can provide the cost savings that you need to stay competitive in this economic market. Choosing the right palletizing solution can be difficult. Factors such as footprint, product weights, cycle time and future expansion and use add to the challenge of choosing the right robotics for the job. JSD Automation can help ensure the palletizing technology you choose fits the requirements for a successful project starting with FUJI Palletizing Robotics. An industry leader in palletizing robotics, the FUJI line of products allows the right solution for your job.


Conveyors are an important part of your system. JSD Automation can supply and install product and pallet handling conveyors to work seamlessly with your automation components and palletizing robotics. Complete design and fabrication from concept to installation, these turnkey systems make your system safe, efficient and economical.

End Effectors

We design and sell end effectors for a variety of applications including fork tools, vacuum and case palletising. The JSD Automation team has an intimate knowledge of robotic end effectors designed specifically for the Fuji Palletizing Robots and can recommend the best peripheral for the task at hand. Need to swap end effectors often? Ask about our robotic tool changers which allow quick substitution of robotic end effectors.

Pallet Dispensers

Reduce the risk of employee injury due to repetitive task syndrome and increase efficiency with pallet dispensers. Adding an automated pallet dispenser to your automation solution helps to ensure the lowest cycle time and eliminates manual loading in your system. JSD Automation can design your system beginning to end to include pallet dispensing. If a slipsheet is required, no problem. Whether a peripheral piece of equipment is necessary, or have the Fuji place one when needed, we can take care of your needs.

Robotic & PLC Programming

JSD offers contract programming from modification of existing systems to ground-up design. Whether you need some small additions, or wish the system to operate smoother, JSD can accommodate this as well as full design and integration start to finish.
Mechanical Design Services

Our conveyor equipment includes:

Pallet Roller Converyor

Pallet Roller

Pallet Turntable

Pallet Turntable

90 Degree Pallet Transfer

Pallet Turntable

Pallet Chain Conveyor

Pallet Chain

RA10 Pallet Dispenser

Pallet Dispenser

RA20 Pallet Dispenser

Pallet Dispenser